Are You UU?

You might like Unitarian Universalism...

If you seek a church that values open minds, helping hands, and loving hearts you might like Unitarian Universalism. We seek to provide our children and youth a secure and nurturing environment in which to grow and begin spiritual exploration.

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If your life's spiritual journey has brought you to a place of questions and wonder you might like Unitarian Universalism. This dynamic faith will encourage you to explore spirituality from many sources. Adult programs provide opportunities to enjoy spiritual and intellectual development, personal growth, and community building.

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If you are seeking an open minded community of individuals connected by love you might like Unitarian Universalism. At this spiritual home you can be yourself no matter what your gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, age, or religious tradition.

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If you want to join a faith community that is striving to bring justice to the world you might like Unitarian Universalism. This dynamic faith offers opportunities to move our values into action in the interconnected areas of concern in our community, city, state, and the world.

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Spiritual Development: Children & Youth

Woven throughout our Spiritual Pathways program for children and youth are:

Worship: To gather to celebrate life and to consider things “of worth,” including the seasons/cycles of     the year and our shared values. Worship is the anchor of our program, reinforcing all elements.

Social Justice: To encourage social responsibility and an awareness of current events, promoting a connection between faith and action and the goal of multi-cultural, anti-oppressive community with peace, liberty and justice for all. UU Identity Building: To develop an understanding of the history and liberal tradition of UUism. To learn and integrate understanding of shared values as articulated in the UU Principles.

Personal Growth: To develop self-confidence, trust, respect, and leadership skills while learning to respect and affirm others.

Community Building (from local to global): To encourage fellowship and connections between people of all ages and diversities, with an anti-racist, anti-oppression focus.

Study of Faith Traditions: To learn about Earth-based, Eastern, Judeo-Christian, and other world traditions, literature and texts and how they are sources that UUs may draw upon in their beliefs throughout their lives. All that we do as a congregation is part of our curriculum for all ages.

Adult Religious Education

The goals of adult religious education are to provide opportunities for spiritual growth, foster a sense of community in and beyond the congregation, explore issues of social justice through a multicultural, anti-oppression lens, enrich and expand intellectual horizons, develop and encourage creativity, and have fun.

In Unitarian Universalism, whether discussing ethical questions in small groups, developing personal spiritual practices,or studying the context in which sacred texts were written, you will be encouraged to develop your own understanding of spirituality. 


The Unitarian Universalist Church has long been a champion of civil rights and a place where members are accepted and valued no matter what their gender, ethnicity, social status, or sexual orientation. Here you will find white, black, green, and everything in between. Mixed race, same sex, different religious backgrounds and beliefs – all are included in our open and welcoming religion.

By coming together with all of our differences, we learn so much from each other and grow spiritually. Whether you consider yourself a Christian, Jewish, practice Buddhist meditation, come from a rational humanist perspective, or identify yourself an agnostic or atheist who enjoys searching for life’s deeper meanings, you will be accepted and valued as a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church.

What binds us together is a  shared set of values about what it is to be human, how we are interconnected to the world around us, and that we are here to nurture each other. Together, we learn from our differences, making us a richer, more dynamic community.

Social Justice

Unitarian Universalism has long history of being out in front on social justice reforms going back to ending slavery, supporting women’s right to vote, and the civil rights movement. In fact, there were more Unitarian Universalist ministers at Martin Luther King’s famous march on Selma than any other denomination.

Some  of our current  areas of  focus are the enacting of marriage equality legislation, supporting fairness to immigrants, and working to understand how racial injustice affects our community, and our hearts.

Unitarian Universalism offers you an opportunity to join others in moving your values into action. Whether providing food to our hungry neighbors, changing the laws in our own state that discriminate against our fellow citizens, or raising funds to develop a micro lending bank, you will be able to band together with other like minded people to create  the beloved community, city, state, and world that you seek. When we stand together, there is no limit to what we can do.